NHS Whistleblowing Protection and how systemic change is desperately n needed


Many Thanks to Alison Hills

I am hugely grateful to the medical negligence lawyer, Alison Hills for setting out the facts of my whistleblowing case that has now been ongoing for 10 years. The article makes the case ‘post Letby’ for changes in the way the system deals with NHS staff that raise patient safety concerns.

I provided the legal papers from my June 2022 hearing to Alison and which are explored and linked to in my article below. I have provided this for those that want to read the papers from the case.



30 January 2024 – London South Employment Tribunal – Private due to ET Rules


To progress a wasted cost application on alleged fraud/misconduct by the NHS law firm Hill Dickinson on their methods of arguing the nation’s doctors out of whistleblowing protection in order to stop my case ever being heard.

More details hear and legal papers

A little less conversation, a little more action – update from Friday’s frustrating hearing | LinkedIn

 27 February 2024 – Employment Appeal Tribunal – Public 


To progress an appeal on the obstruction of justice that plainly occurred in my case as a result of evidence being deliberately destroyed (90,000 emails by 1 NHS Director and an entire NHS email account from another Director who was the instructing NHS legal client in the case). Also the appeals concerns the deliberate concealment of evidence. We also make a point about the Judge ignoring large amounts of evidence and misrepresenting verbal evidence in the Judgment (proved by the transcript of proceedings)

More info here and legal papers

It’s not the fact we lost, it’s the fact the Judge allowed my opponents to destroy all the evidence. Read our 2 BMA backed appeals to the EAT | LinkedIn

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