David Hencke Article on Appeal Hearing

Why have we asked for a review of the EAT Decision ?

In a letter to the Judge I state on behalf of me and my wife;

We are not going to put ourselves through an EAT appeal that shies away from the fundamental perversity and procedural unfairness of an Employment Tribunal process that has ignored large amounts of evidence and multiple acts of concealment and destruction of evidence to get to a conclusion where objectively false public statements made by an NHS Trust to the press and MPs about my case are found to be true statements.”

Click here to read the Grounds of Appeal permitted to progress to a full hearing.

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The Cover Letter

Dr Chris Day’s Application for a Review Under EAT Rule 33 (1) (c) in the interests of justice as a result of a material change in circumstances

Bundle and Documents

Sir Norman Lamb and Justin Madders Letter to Health Secretary

Statements of Melissa Day, Sir Norman Lamb, Dr Smith and Dr Hormaeche are here

Support the next hearing on 21 March 2024 against HEE’s lawyers here