Computer Weekly click here NHS trust ‘deliberately’ deleted up to 90,000 emails before tribunal hearing (

Dr Moosa Qureshi Preview June Hearing blog

– Click here to read Dr Moosa’s Quereshi’s blog“This month, Dr Day’s case makes its final appearance before a judge – we have one last chance to deal with this textbook rogue system.”

David Hencke – Westminster Confidential Coverage

1. Jeremy Hunt and Sir Norman Lamb back whistleblower doctor’s epic patient safety struggle at a tribunal from Monday | Westminster Confidential (

2.Sir Norman Lamb blows the whistle on “deceitful” NHS attempts to discredit Dr Chris Day in tribunal hearing evidence | Westminster Confidential (

3. Consultant’s devastating critique of Woolwich Hospital’s intensive care staffing in Chris Day whistleblower tribunal hearing | Westminster Confidential (

4. Consultant anaesthetist links two patient deaths to unsafe staffing at Woolwich Hospital Intensive Care Unit – Chris Day tribunal hearing | Westminster Confidential (

5. NHS Trust chief admits press statement that defamed whistleblower Dr Chris Day was ” clumsily worded” | Westminster Confidential (

5. Dramatic late disclosures of trust emails on Chris Day case forces tribunal to pause the hearing | Westminster Confidential (

6. Response from Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust could be chucked out of the Dr Chris Day whistleblower tribunal for ” scandalous and vexatious” behaviour “ | Westminster Confidential (

7. One hundred “potentially relevant” e-mails and archive deleted by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust in Dr Chris Day tribunal case | Westminster Confidential (

8. David Cocke – the trust official who destroyed ” potentially relevant” emails – instructs top lawyer and pulls out of cross examination in Chris Day tribunal | Westminster Confidential (

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9. Revealed: Trust sent secret “partisan” briefings on Dr Day’s whistleblower case to NHS top brass and four trusts -including to Dr Amanda Pritchard, now head of NHS England | Westminster Confidential (

10 . Chris Day: Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and Health Education England “destroyed my medical career”, tribunal told | Westminster Confidential (

11. Chris Day whistleblowing tribunal: His wife says family faced £500,000 costs if judge took a dim view of him using covert audio | Westminster Confidential (

12. Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust chair leaves: Her successor calls for a review of the handling of the Chris Day case | Westminster Confidential (

Local GP Dr Bob Gill Challenges Lewisham and Greenwich Board