Order stating that you must apply in advance to observe hearing

At the June 2022 hearing chaired by Judge Martin, there was circa 50-100 people observing via an online link that provided to crowdfunders of the litigation. The process in the EAT is more formal and requires an application to be made in advance for those wanting to observe. That sounds technical but all it really means is you have to email your name in advance.

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The below order sealed and sent to me on Sunday 11 February sets out a process where those that wish to observe must apply to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

This can be done by sending an email to


You will need to quote the case number EA-2022- 001347-NLD and Dr C Day v Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

I understand from other applicants that the court will ask for reasons. The main reason, it seems to me, is that the EAT will not be able to accommodate 80-100 people observing the case in person, Other reasons that I have seen involve distance of travel and caring responsibilities.

In Person

This court hearing is open to the public

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Why is the appeal important?

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