On 29 April Protect launched their Legal Reform Campaign ‘Let’s fix UK’s #Whistleblowing Law’ with a webinar chaired by the Barrister Mukhtiar Singh of Garden Court Chambers. I joined the panel that was made up of the MPs Kevin Hollinrake, Dame Margaret Hodge and the Protect CEO Elizabeth Gardiner. I support Protect’s draft bill to reform whistleblowing law and I would love you to do the same.

I think it is fair to say the panel did not hold back in telling it like it is in respect of the way the UK treats whistleblowers.  I certainly told over 100 attendees what the NHS gets up to in my talk which can be viewed here.

You never know when you might need whistleblowing law. You might need to speak up yourself about something or you might need a professional to speak up to protect you or someone you love. You might be a person in a position of power and may wonder one day what might happen to you if you support a whistleblower or act on a concern that is brought to you.

The full webinar can be viewed here;

My talk about how my whistleblowing case illustrates some of the problems in the NHS, with whistleblowing law and supports the need for Protect’s draft bill can be seen here;

The Question and Answer session was very interesting and the answers to the following questions are below;

What is the likelihood of the Government amending whistleblowing law?

Dr Chris Day what do you think of the NHS Freedom to Speak Up Guardian System?

Would a dedicated whistleblowing regulator undermine other regulators?

Question from a whistleblower; I discovered the regulators were as deceitful as my employer should there be an independent investigator to hold regulators to account?

What is needed to investigate whistleblowing cases?

Find out more about Protects proposed Bill