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Skeleton Argument for 30 January 2024

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Key Documents referred to above

LDA Contract between HEE and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust & Financial Value of other LDA Contracts Nationwide (click here)

November 2020 Further and Better Particulars that forced concession on Protected Disclosures resisted for 6 years including on deliberate concealment (click here)

Byline Times Explains Our Wasted Cost Application

*Update – 30 January 2024 Hearing Cancelled (letter from 29 January)

Frustratingly, even after exchanging our skeleton arguments we were told that the hearing was cancelled. This has occurred already after a inexplicable 4 year delay dealing with this matter by the London South Employment Tribunal and also after the disappointing way the last hearing was handled after such a strong Judgment in our favour by Judge Self ( you can read about here).

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