My EAT Rule 33 Application can be read here .

Judge Burn’s Order refusing the review ignores virtually every point made in my application and can be read here.

If you would prefer to read something less legal about all of this click here for my Linked In articles. A negligence lawyer has also written a good piece here.

I set out below the main issues in my appeal that the EAT has repeatedly failed to engage with and frankly is ignoring.

Dodging the question on whether an NHS Trust and their lawyers misled a group of London MPs, the press and the public about my whistleblowing case despite these issues being formally pleaded as whistleblowing detriments in my case (and the Judge being repeatedly reminded of this fact but failing to acknowledge it)

At {Paragraph 20]

[from Paragraph 28]

See also paragraph 37-42 of Rule 33 Application

The Judge accepting making a key mistake, then agreeing to change their Judgment but refusing to engage with the effect of the mistake on the rest of their decision to remove or restrict Grounds of Appeal (despite this effect being clearly set out)

At [paragraph 6]

From [paragraph 9}

Ignoring what an official hearing transcript says from 2 key witnesses in order to find against me on a detriment implying that my own legal team thought I was dishonest

From [paragraph 48]

Removing the Ground of Appeal of Procedural Unfairness from the appeal without engaging with the multiple appeal points that indicate procedural unfairness including an Employment Judge stopping our cross examination of a key witness and then placing that untested evidence into a public Judgment

From {Paragraph 55]

My Statement on Ben Cooper KC

Conflicts of Interests

My letter to Judge Burns stated 18 March 2024 states;